Our Philosophy


Experience - Discipline - Management

We consider your current and future needs, time horizons, and family circumstances. We diversify your investments to buffer changes in the markets. As circumstances change, asset mix is adjusted accordingly. We let the investment markets work for us.

With average retirements now lasting 20 to 25 years, our objective has been to develop a long-term relationship for the well-being of our clients. More than 50% of our clients have been with us for over 10 years. They realize it is no easy task to construct and maintain an investment portfolio that provides the right mix of current income, steady growth potential, and long-term security. They know that consistent monitoring and updating of a portfolio as their needs and market conditions change is time consuming.

The four commandments of optimal portfolio performance are:

  • Diversification
  • Timeliness of the Investment
  • Safety and Risk
  • Income and Total Return

Independent registered investment advisors are becoming increasingly popular because it puts the interest of the client and the advisor into closer alignment. In effect, we work directly for YOU; our allegiance is to our clients -- not a major retail brokerage firm. In our managed portfolios our income is derived from, and is directly associated with, the successful management of your portfolio, rather than a commission/transaction based service.

Benefits of Investing Through First Security Capital Management, LLC

Experience - The founding principal of the firm has been managing assets from a financial planning perspective for over 35 years. In addition to practical experience, we, at First Security Capital Management, LLC, are committed to continuing education to improve upon our skills.

Objectivity - We are compensated directly by our clients to manage their assets and provide objective advice. We are free to make unbiased objective recommendations based on client needs.

Discipline - By implementing and adhering to time-tested investment strategies, our clients are more likely to achieve financial success. Portfolio accounts are managed daily within these disciplines using fundamental, and technical analysis.

Research - In addition to evaluating the vast amounts of publicly available financial data, we are able to access the fundamental analysis of many of the large brokerage firm analysts. A consensus among a variety of sources adds objectivity to our research.

Personal Service - As you might expect, no two clients have the exact same needs. Each client’s needs are addressed and solved individually (i.e. income needs and tax considerations are often unique).

Detailed Reporting - Clients receive three types of reports to keep them informed about their portfolios. Confirmations are sent after each transaction. The monthly account statement shows holdings and monthly activity. We also provide annual performance reviews for our clients.

Low Expenses - Because of our size, First Security Capital Management, LLC is able to trade at deeply-discounted rates. Stocks, bonds and mutual funds can be traded without sales charges and with lower expenses than paid by the general public. In many cases, the management fee charged by First Security Capital Management, LLC can be tax deductible. Consult your accountant.