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Dennis Makarewicz - dennis@fscmllc.com

Chartered Financial Consultant, CHFC 
Chartered Advisor for Senior Living, CASL


Dennis Makarewicz was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan.  He attended the Henry Ford College in Dearborn Michigan and received his Chartered Financial consultant designation from the American College, Bryn Mawr, PA. Dennis lived in the Bahamas from 1968 to 1975 where he was employed as an International Real Estate Consultant with Intercontinental Realty Ltd. and the Grand Bahama Development Corp. Ltd.  He moved to Florida in 1975 to expand his investment knowledge and joined American Express Financial Advisors.


He enjoyed a rewarding career at American Express for 20 years where he worked with his high net worth clients.  During that time, he received every award and honor possible and was one of the top 100 Financial Planners in America, culminating with his Hall of Fame Award.  This prestigious honor has been awarded to less than one hundred advisors over the company's one hundred year history.  For over 37 years, Dennis has provided financial services ranging from real estate to portfolio management.


In 1995, Dennis formed First Security Financial Advisors Incorporated as an independent money management firm.  The company was formally changed to First Security Capital Management, LLC in 2008 to better reflect the mission of the firm: "Capital Management".


Todd Heath-Hazlett - Toddheath_hazlett@fscmllc.com


Todd works closely with Dennis, as well as Kristina, in all facets of management and client service.  Todd brings with him a wealth of management experience, starting from a registered principal at Securities America in 2001 to Chief Executive Officer of Todd Wealth Management with offices in Pittsburgh, PA, San Luis Obispo, CA and Delray Beach, FL.

Todd attended Grove City College in Grove City, Pennsylvania, where his major was finance.

On a personal level Todd has many interests.  Travel (roughly 40 countries), yoga, hockey, art and history are among his passions.  He is also active within several charities which include Eastern European Outreach and a group that provides Christmas gifts to children of disabled vets in his native Pittsburgh.  He has also sponsored and visited two children in Medellin, Colombia for more than a decade.  He is looking forward to working with First Security to help clients achieve their long term goals.





Kristina M. Garbade - kristina@fscmllc.com 

Office Manager


Kristina Garbade, the smiling voice that you first hear when you call or see upon entering our organization, is FSCM's office manager.  She supports our group by acting as a liaison between our clients, other professionals and broker dealer.  With over 25 years of experience in the financial industry, Kristina excels in personalized client service. 


Her experience has provided her with extensive knowledge of several major institutions back office systems and procedures, giving her the ability to avoid bottlenecks while resolving service requests quickly.  FSCM clients greatly benefit from Kristina's experience and dedication.











The above information is provided solely for convenience purposes and is not intended as an endorsement of services provided. Members of the Advisory Board are not affiliated or owned by First Security Capital Management.  Services provided by the Advisory Board are distinct and separate from those of First Security Capital Management.